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Arizona Home Gym Design

We provide a full service, one-stop-shop, customized to you, home gym design and project management. We have a skilled and dedicated team of professionals that will assess your needs, design the most practical and beautifiul space, and help you realize your dream home gym.

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Here is our Business Model

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Fitness Assessment

Our first step is have you meet with our fitness specialist, mister North-America professional body builder and do an assessment so we can fully understand your fitness level and your goals goals in having a professionally designed home gym. Based on the interview, together with you, we will be able to figure out what is the perfect equipment for you needs and what is going to be the setup for the gym.

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Home Gym Design

The second step is to have you sit down with our professional experienced designers and work on designing the room chosen. We want to match the style of the room to the rest of the house. You get to choose all the materials for flooring, wall decorating and electronic equipment. We want to make sure that the equipment is in the right arrangement to give you the optimal work out. Finally, we want to make the room look awesome and inviting to make your workouts fun.

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Remodeling and Delivery

We are a licensed, bonded and insured experienced contractor able to implement the designs you chose. We are going to install all the equipment and have the room ready for your workouts. We will have a final session with you to go over the project, the technology we implemented and the use of the equipment.

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Arizona Home Gym Full Service

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You don't like going to the gym for various reasons, you don't have the time to waste in traffic, you have a problem with the luggage at most gyms or you don't like the crowds. You probably dream of having a home gym at your home, but you don't know what equipment to buy, you don't know if the equipment you need fits in your room and if you should remodel the room.

We have all those answers. Our approach is comprehensive, we don't just sell equipments. We start from understanding your workout needs, design the right equipment to fit the room, design the space, remodel the room, deliver and install all the equipment. We don't play games, we are a professional design and project management company bonded and insured and we use only licensed contractors.

We don't upsell the equipment, you purchase it and own it together with the warranty that comes with it from the manufacturer, so you don't have to deal with a third party in case something brakes.

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Arizona Home Gym Design